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Our listing of dentists is similar to the phone company's white pages. Like us, the phone company attempts to list everyone they can find and makes little or no attempt to verify its listings. And like them, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of information contained on ImplantDirectory.com

The purpose of ImplantDirectory.com is to provide information on dentists who provide dental implant procedure. In no way should this be construed as a recommendation or endorsement of any individual, procedure or product.

You are responsible to verify any information on this website before undergoing diagnosis or treatment by any professional listed on our site. We try to list only dentists who do provide dental implant procedures, but other types of dentists may be listed. Please be sure to verify the dentist you choose by asking to see his/her graduation certificates and state license.

Any utilization of the information and resources of ImplantDirectory.com is assumed at your own risk. If you have any doubts or reservations regarding a dentist, or the treatment plan you have been given, we encourage you to seek a second opinion. One of the reasons we try to list all private practicing dentists in your area is to make getting a second opinion quite easy.


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